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Find all of your accessories at The Hat Store. We are just as excited about our accessories as we are about our hats! We source the perfect selection and quality for all of our hat-loving customers. We know what will compliment our customers’ hat purchases. On this page we’ve compiled all of the best accessories to go along with your hat purchase or to complete your new look and style.

Add to Your Style

A good looking hat will do wonders to complete your new look. Adding a few accessories can help the entire look come together. Hat fillers will keep that new hat stay in place on your head or keep it at the right level. If you like to take your hat everywhere you go, you may want a chin strap or hat band. These will prevent the wind or your busy adventures from stealing your hat away.

There are so many accessories that both add to your style and provide a function to make your life more enjoyable. Our styling experts can help you find the best accessories for your hat and lifestyle.

Canes / Chin Straps / Hat Bands / Umbrellas / Hat Feather Kits / Hat Fillers

Care For Your Hat

If you’ve decided to add hats to your wardrobe, then you want to take the time to keep them in pristine shape. With our special hat care products, you can keep your favourite hats in brand new condition for years. Consider the specialised hat brushes, hat steamers, leather conditioners, hat stretchers and other hat care products to keep your hat looking clean.

Hat Care Products / Hat Brush / Hat Steamers / Leather Conditioner / Hat Stretcher & more