Barmah 1018CR Squashy Crackle Kangaroo Dark Brown

$ 99.95 AUD
Made In Australia
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Colour Dark Brown
Colour Dark Brown
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This Barmah 1018VB is built from genuine kangaroo leather and finished in an Australian Dark Brown style. Due to its foldable design, this lightweight, water-resistant kangaroo leather hat is the perfect adventure and walk-about hat.

  • Supplied with a hat bag for fast-paced work or simply convenience where you need to stow your hat
  • 100% Australian-made with Australian kangaroo leather, ensuring authenticity and quality.
  • Ethically sourced kangaroo leather under the Australian Federal Government's Wildlife Protection Act, highlighting our commitment to sustainability.
  • The natural marks and scratches on our kangaroo leather hats add to their unique charm and authenticity.
  • Outdoor galore; Barmah kangaroo leather hats are designed with unique features for the great outdoors: fully packable, ultra-light yet durable, and water-resistant, fighting against the elements.
  • Reknowned as a top seller for its unparalleled quality and design.
  • Brim Width - 8cm
  • Sides - 7cm 

    **Kangaroo leather, whilst soft, is harvested from wild animals and therefore has natural imperfections that enhance the weathered look. Every hat has a unique look. Kangaroo leather is unlike calf leather, boasting the idea of 'no two hats alike'.

    About the brand

    Barmah Hats, where the Outback spirit meets exceptional craftsmanship. Born in the heart of Australia, Barmah is renowned for its rugged and stylish hats, expertly designed to withstand the harshest of environments.

    These hats are more than just accessories; they are a symbol of adventure and resilience, offering unmatched protection from the elements. Embrace the wild with Barmah Hats, your trusted companion on every outdoor journey.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    Excellent purchase!

    These hats are so worth the money, great design and very well made. Last one I had was 13 years old, and i put it through some extreme tough conditions.

    Chrispen Graves
    Quality Hat’s

    Ok where does one begin, about 30 years ago I had purchased my first Barmah Kangaroo Lid. I usually get them when in Down Under, it’s been about 12 years since I’ve been to Australia so I made a recent purchase of the Barmah 1018 CR Squashy Crackle Kangaroo - Dark Brown as always Perfection a kind Thank You I can not wait to get back Down Under

    Cheers; Chrispen G Florida USA

    Very good hat.

    It is my first hat and it is my favorite.

    It will be their FAVORITE Christmas

    If I received this for a gift, I'd remember for years, every day I put it on my noggin. As it is, I gifted myself. I spent WAY too much time researching/reading reviews. So please take this into consideration when I say this exceeds my expectations. For those of us not "Down Under," there's the unique pride in owning a 100% Handmade Kangaroo Leather hat... and there's really no better name than Barmah, when it comes to this hat. Here's what's VERY important to many: Do you suffer from headaches, and thus find most hats to be tight/heavy/uncomfortable? Well, this hat is incredibly light, and yes - I had my doubts it could be as comfortable as others insisted. It is. It's beautiful, it's handmade... and this is the type of hat that will survive and outlast all but your most prized hats. As an avid outdoorsman, I would keep three hats: This Barmah Squashy Roo, my straw Shady Brady, and my Tilley cotton. And even if you're not an outdoorsman, this Barmah is a smart looking way to top off any outfit - from boot shoes to bare feet. This may not be the cheapest gift - but it absolutely would be a cherished one. Be it a spouse, bf/gf, son/daughter, sibling, good friend - this is guaranteed to show your originality and meaningfulness. I'm not trying to be over-the-top, but trying to give kudos to this fantastic company that made this fine, exotic hat - and did it while keeping the price very affordable for the quality. I'd expect this to be twice the amount, and yes, I'd probably pay that ONE time for a hat to outlive/outlast all the cheap ones bought along the way, in life. Youncan get the usual leather cowhide hats for cheaper - even Barmah sells some. But this is thin, strong, light... and unlikely a heavy leather hat, this is actually wearable in the heat without being ridiculous. This hat will continue its character with the lucky recipient... and hopefully accompany the owner on adventures everywhere... or work anywhere. And then to coffee shops in between. This is likely to become a favorite article of clothing.. but one that doesn't wear out. Condition it with a good mink oil or other leather waterproofing, and the water will bead right off in heavy rain. Dunk it in the cool lake, and it will help keep things chill while fishing. Condition it as needed, and it will become a trusty companion. If you see one at an arts/music festival, it will likely sell for a LOT more. Still worth it. But buying online is a true bargain. Kudos to Barmah for keeping the best Kangaroo hat available to the masses by not charging exorbitant prices. That's why I've no problem investing my time as a thanks, in giving this review. And if it helps just one person give/receive a gift I wish I could have received? Well, karma, hopefully. I'll save, and I'll be as excited to send a great friend this, for Christmas. This much jazz about a HAT???? Get one yourself, and remember MY excitement, lol... Come back here and tell me I exaggerated. Lovin' my Barmah Squashy Roo!

    Excellent produit, je suis entièrement satisfait.

    Great qualite and nice looking.