Akubra Snowy River Hat Sand

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Made in Australia
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Colour Sand
Colour Sand
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The iconic Akubra Snowy River Hat is a pre-creased stockman's hat with a pinched crown and brim with rolled sides. This bush hat is one of the most widely used hats in the country to protect from the harsh elements and is an investment that will stand the test of time.

  • Colour: This is our stunning Sand
  • Material: Imperial Quality Pure Fur Felt
  • Styling: Country Styles
  • Brim: 83mm
  • Crown Height: 100mm
  • Hatband: A leather ornamental band with suede insert
  • Sun protection AND Water Resistance
  • Other: Made in Australia with a leather inner sweatband

* Please Note: Feather not included but can be purchased separately

    About the brand

    Akubra is an Australian hat manufacturer. The company is associated with bush hats made of rabbit fur felt with wide brims that are worn in rural Australia.

    In 1874 Benjamin Dunkerley arrived in Tasmania from England and decided to start a hat making business in Hobart. His skills as a hatter were backed by his ability to invent machinery, and soon after his arrival he had developed a mechanical method of removing the hair tip from rabbit fur so the under-fur could be used in felt hat making. Previously this task had to be done by hand.

    By 2015 Akubra has produced two million hats for the military.

    Akubra Hats are still proudly Australian made in Kempsey.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Manu Singh
    Excellent purchase

    Bought this as a gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it. The hat was well packaged and arrived swiftly. It is exactly as described and excellent quality overall.

    Mervin Hughes
    USA hat review

    I have 3 Akubra's: 2-Bosses and 1 Snowy River, (my first). I have had the Snowy River hat for 7years and it has become my work hat. I paid $30 more from a USA based business for the Snowy River hat 7years ago, than I paid for the Boss just 6 months ago from Australiangear.
    The quality of all the hats are just excellent. I easily reshape my own crown with a little steam from the teakettle. I have never owned a 100% beaver hat so I can't compare the Akubra to that, but what I can tell you is that for the money, it simple can not be beat!
    One thing I always want and is of prime importance is a quality sweat band. I have a couple of hats with inferior sweatbands and when you are working, the sweat runs into your eyes. Also the comfort of the leather sweatband versus the other types is just not comparable, the Akubra leather sweatband is the best.
    IF, I could have my druthers, I would like Akubra to make a long oval shaped hat as an option, that would fit my head a little better right out of the box. BUT, it only takes a few weeks to adjust to my head so this is not really a complaint, and I am told that if you get caught in a downpour, just let it dry to your head and it will fit perfect.
    Lastly, for the money, I don't think you can go wrong. Australiangear customer service was great and I got the hat on time. ( I did have a bit of a problem figuring out exact shipping and arrival dates from the website given for tracking), but all in all just a great experience and I would buy from them again. Thanks Australiangear.

    Ordered on Monday

    On My head on Wednesday. Great service. Thank you ! John G Malton - Country VIC

    Classic All Purpose Hat

    I loved the movie and I love the hat. It has a western flair with a classy fedora crown. The timeless classic shape says westerner without looking like a poseur. Some of my hats seem to require a flamboyant mood to be fully at ease in them. Not my trusty Snowy River. It is always the right hat for any activity. It is nearly as cool as the Tablelands because the excellent Aussie version is an unlined working hat! I have a very high crown on my head and the hat has a moderately low crown, so I pushed the center up a bit and it is now perfect. Looks good on everyone and many people look absolutely sharp in a Snowy River! No sweatband can compare to an Akubra sweatband for comfort. They stay on surprisingly well in wind, too. As always, Akubra quality is evident throughout. Top of the line fur felt for what you'd pay for a wool hat in the U.S. The low shipping cost is a pleasant surprise!