Akubra Traveller Regency Fawn

$ 300.00 AUD
Made in Australia
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Colour Regency Fawn
Colour Regency Fawn
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The Akubra Traveller is the ideal travellers hat, featuring a soft conforming structure and a unique ‘memory’ for those on the move which makes it the perfect through and go hat because it will never lose its shape. You will not regret this fabulous purchase!

  • Colour: This is our regal Regency Fawn
  • Material: Imperial Quality Pure Fur Felt, Pilofelt
  • Styling: Lifestyle Collection
  • Brim: 79mm Welt Edge Finish
  • Crown Height: 100mm
  • Hatband: Ornamental hat band
  • Unique: Pre-creased pinched telescope crown
  • Sun protection AND Water Resistance
  • Other: Made in Australia with a leather inner sweatband

* Please Note: Feather not included but can be purchased separately

    About the brand

    Akubra is an Australian hat manufacturer. The company is associated with bush hats made of rabbit fur felt with wide brims that are worn in rural Australia.

    In 1874 Benjamin Dunkerley arrived in Tasmania from England and decided to start a hat making business in Hobart. His skills as a hatter were backed by his ability to invent machinery, and soon after his arrival he had developed a mechanical method of removing the hair tip from rabbit fur so the under-fur could be used in felt hat making. Previously this task had to be done by hand.

    By 2015 Akubra has produced two million hats for the military.

    Akubra Hats are still proudly Australian made in Kempsey.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Would buy again

    So easy to deal with, got the hat shipped to Colorado USA in great time and cheaper than expected, the hat is great, fits perfect, great quality. Will be buying other hats from here soon! highly recommend

    Toni C.
    Great hat without reserves

    It is my 3rd akubra hat. I bought it because I travel a lot and the other akubras I have are not crushable so I cannot take them with without risk. The crown is more comfortable due to its inherent needed flexibility to allow packing. I wish they made a crushable Leisure Time model as the brim on this one is a bit too big for my taste but I still like it.

    excellent hat

    Very happy with the service and quality of the product

    Amazing recovery after ill treatment.

    I accidentally sat on my Traveller all the way from East Midlands Airport UK to Barvelona Spain, two and a half hours with 17st of me on it. It was mashed flat and creased. By the time I had cleared the airport only two creases could be seen and by the time I had driven to Olivella it looked completely undamaged. Amazing piece of kit.

    Will S Scott - USA
    Will recoommed you guys for sure

    This is the hat I've seen in movies and on TV for years, as the classic Aussie work hat, worn by outdoorsmen (and women) all across the Big Down Under. Mine arrived today as the 3rd of my recent purchases from Aus Gear .

    I love it. It looks very well-made, and exactly like the photos. It's a substantial hat. It seems quite capable of years protecting from sun and rain, while looking so Australian along the way!

    I think the Khaki color may be the more traditional color, but I wasn't so sure if I wanted something that dark.

    This is my 3rd Akubra hat from you , and I feel like it rounds out a year-round, all-occasion collection for me. My Cattleman in Sand is one I wear to work sometimes (with coat and tie), and I think of it as my town-and-country hat. My Balmoral is the hot-weather version of the Cattleman. My Territory is my most casual hat for all but the hottest weather, and the one that will likely see the most wear-and-tear because I'll wear it for working and playing outdoors most of the year.

    Couldn't be happier with the prompt and accurate ordering/delivery experience, as well as the quality of all 3 of my Akubras. I especially enjoying watching the product videos for all these hats.

    I think the Akubra chin strap is an absolute must for the Cattleman and Territory. Tuck it under the hat when not needed.'

    Finally, with all three hats, these prices can't be beat. They're MUCH less expensive here, even with an extra charge for 3-day DHL delivery, than I can buy them in the U.S.