Barmah 1018 IS Ironstone (stone washed) Squashy Kangaroo Hat

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Made In Australia
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Colour Barmah 1018 IS Ironstone (stone washed) Squashy Kangaroo Hat
Colour Barmah 1018 IS Ironstone (stone washed) Squashy Kangaroo Hat
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This Barmah 1018IS is crafted from genuine kangaroo leather and finished in a vintage style. Due to its unique foldable design, this lightweight, showerproof kangaroo leather hat is the ideal companion for the outdoors.

  • Supplied with a hat bag for fast-paced work or simply convenience where you need to stow your hat
  • 100% Australian-made with Australian kangaroo leather, ensuring authenticity and quality.
  • Ethically sourced kangaroo leather under the Australian Federal Government's Wildlife Protection Act, highlighting our commitment to sustainability.
  • The natural marks and scratches on our kangaroo leather hats add to their unique charm and authenticity.
  • Outdoor galore; Barmah kangaroo leather hats are designed with unique features for the great outdoors: fully packable, ultra-light yet durable, and water-resistant, fighting against the elements.
  • Reknowned as a top seller for its unparalleled quality and design.
  • Brim Width - 8cm
  • Sides - 7cm 

    **Kangaroo leather, whilst soft, is harvested from wild animals and therefore has natural imperfections that enhance the weathered look. Every hat has a unique look. Kangaroo leather is unlike calf leather, boasting the idea of 'no two hats alike'.

    About the brand

    Barmah Hats, where the Outback spirit meets exceptional craftsmanship. Born in the heart of Australia, Barmah is renowned for its rugged and stylish hats, expertly designed to withstand the harshest of environments.

    These hats are more than just accessories; they are a symbol of adventure and resilience, offering unmatched protection from the elements. Embrace the wild with Barmah Hats, your trusted companion on every outdoor journey.

    Customer Reviews

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    Lisa R
    Absolutely fantastic and gorgeous! Will buy more

    Mom and I bought this squashy 16 years ago, after a friend of mine from Melbourne, wore one here in the USA and I asked how to get one. Mom and I still have the hats. You cannot wreck these hats. They really are indestructible. I only wish I would have bought a little larger, because I wear an American 71/2 and didn't realize I needed to buy large. Still, the hat is AMAZING! You will not be unhappy if you buy one. And they do pack so easily, you can actually squash it and put it in your purse ladies, and it will not hurt the hat shape in any way. If you live in a very cold, rainy, climate like I do, which is north eastern USA New England, this leather hat is so perfect. And the price is far less than what you pay for a felt Stetson in the USA. Get a leather for cold weather and a canvas for summer. Just amazing!

    Lee Hayes - UK
    Great service Great Hat

    The Barmah hat arrived today in the UK - passed UK customs and delivered direct to the door. (Full tracking throughout.) FANTASTIC service. Will definitely be recommending you to people here in the UK.
    Thanks again and best wishes,

    New York Hat Fan
    Perfect Adventure Hat

    My buddy and I like to go out into the wilderness, take mushrooms and look at stuff. These hats are perfect for our woodland adventures. Thanks Barmah!!


    This is the best hat I ever owned. Use it every day. I like it so much I purchased one for my son and he loves it.
    very water resistant/proof.
    I would recommend it to everyone.
    I was also shocked how inexpensive this hat is. Got to my door in only 2 weeks from Australia to USA.


    This hat is the very best I have ever owned. Quality is beyond my expectations. I like it so much I purchased another one for my son, who loves his. Not to mention the fast shipping to USA about 2 weeks.