Barmah Kangaroo Leather Vegtan 1 Fold Wallet Snake Finish Tan

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Barmah have done it again with their classic 1 Fold Wallet now available in a snake finish. Made from 100% vegtanned kangaroo leather with a snake finish, this is a unique pieces that will surely stand the test of time! 

Vegtan allows the leather to retain more structure, have a nicer smell and has a much more beautiful wear over time. The Vegtanning process is 100% eco-friendly, perfect for those trying to watch their carbon footprint!

Main Features of Barmah Leather Wallets

  • Made from Kangaroo leather with a snake finish
  • Leather all cut and shaped in Australia  
  • Comes in Barmah Australia box 
  • Comfortable 1 Fold Design
  • 6 Card Slots
  • With clear flap for images or cards
  • 11cm Wide x 9cm High
  • Strong and Durable
  • Available in Black, Tan & Choc

**Please Note: Kangaroo leather, whilst soft, is harvested from a wild animal and therefore has natural imperfections and differences to enhance the weathered and used look. Each piece of leather has different shades and is unique. It has a worn in, lived in or weathered look. Kangaroo leather is not consistent like calf leather and should be treated as such. All skins and finishes are different making the product wildly unique in every way. No two leather pieces are exactly the same.**

About the brand

Barmah Hats, where the Outback spirit meets exceptional craftsmanship. Born in the heart of Australia, Barmah is renowned for its rugged and stylish hats, expertly designed to withstand the harshest of environments.

These hats are more than just accessories; they are a symbol of adventure and resilience, offering unmatched protection from the elements. Embrace the wild with Barmah Hats, your trusted companion on every outdoor journey.