Brigalow Adults Bronco '8 Second' Straw Natural

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Brigalow Bronco '8 Second' jute straw shaped hat with no binding/trim around brim..

Square top 'Brick' shaped crown and 4" brim.

Comes with black/gold hat band buckle

Available in sizes 54cm to 61cm

About the brand

Brigalow Country, a beloved name in Western hat fashion, where style meets the Outback. This iconic Western hat brand embodies the rugged spirit of the Australian countryside, creating hats that are as fashionable as they are functional.

From wide-brimmed beauties to classic bushman's hats, Brigalow Country offers a range that's perfect for every adventure under the sun.

Step into the heart of Australia with Brigalow Country, where authenticity and Western fashion converge under the wide Aussie sky.