Hat Jack Hat Stretcher Medium 57cm 61cm

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Keep your hat in like-new shape, Fully Adjustable Hat Jack, Hat Stretcher.

The Hats By The Hundred stretcher is a great way to look after your hat. Enables you to stretch it out up to 1 or 2 hat sizes if you need or just use it to keep the exact shape you want. Perfect for Akubra Hats or for any leather or wool or fur felt hats.

Over 3,000 units sold over the last years. Top selling product cause it works so well and is priced to sell. Get years of joy from this simple but well-made product.

Soft balsa wood enables Hat Mate to wick away moisture, absorb odours and sweat and keep your hat in great shape. Unique hand-made hat jack, hat stretcher to keep the shape of your favourite hat. Exclusively made for and sold by Hats By The 100 on Australia's Gold Coast.

Comes with full instructions, act like the pros do, in your own home and look after your hat forever!! Keep your hat in like-new shape.

Prevent your hat from shrinking by storing with the Hat Jack.

Natural wood absorbs moisture and odour Sizes: 55cm - 60cm. USA 67/8 to 7 1/2. 

Covers all hat sizes in the medium range.  

About the brand

Hats by the Hundred, established in 1984 are a Gold Coast-based company, with stores both on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Proudly offering a unique range of accessories and top-notch hat care products.

With a passion for style and quality, Hats by the Hundred ensures that every visit is an opportunity to discover the perfect headwear and accessories to complete your look.

Customer Reviews

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Works great!

Hey! This thing works!!!
I can now where my Akruba hat without a dent in my forehead!

Great product

Great product, I now have several hats I can wear again. It works on hats that have shrunk, were out of shape and one that was always too small. Highly recomended.

Excellent, I'd definitely recommend it !

Had an old, well worn Rough rider that had shrunk in the heat over time. Followed stretcher instructions & successfully resized it to fit me perfectly.

Great product

This a great product with a great price , really good value.. Most imprtantly it does the job and is really easy to use.It brought back into sevice three of my hats that had become rally tight and uncomfortable.

The hat stretcher works fine and is of a good quality.

The hat stretcher works fine and is of a good quality. Arrived in time